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Activon Tube Medical Grade Manuka Honey

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Activon Tube is 100% pure medical grade manuka honey in a tube. Medical grade manuka honey is natural manuka honey with a very high antibacterial activity that has been sterilized. Activon can be used for treating wounds, burns, scars resulting from surgery, pressure sores, leg ulcers and malodorous wounds.

Activon is made by Advancis Medical, a UK based company that was well ahead of the rest of the world and was the first company to introduce medical grade manuka honey in medical products in 2004, since when the product line has expanded to include several wound treatment products.

The manuka honey comes from New Zealand and is produced following strict quality management and control procedures that ensure the honey remains free from any contaminants. It is also tested to establish the antibacterial level of the manuka honey as a high level is required for medical grade manuka honey.

Activon works through the natural properties of the manuka honey, which has the following properties and effects:
*Antibacterial – kills bacteria in the wound
*Creates a moist wound healing environment
*Osmosis effect that draws harmful or dead tissue away from the wound (debridement)
*Clears odours

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