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Medihoney Gentle Body Wash

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Comvita’s Medihoney range are made with a medical grade manuka honey as well as other natural ingredients and have been developed for those with sensitive skin, and for example Medihoney Gentle Body Wash does not contain soap.

Medihoney antibacterial manuka honey is made from manuka honey that is sourced and produced from Comvita’s own beehives in New Zealand. The antibacterial properties of manuka honey is partly the result of the presence of a compound called methylglyoxal, although scientists believe that this compound works in synergy in as yet unknown ways to produce the antibacterial effect.

Medical grade manuka honey is produced by the same bees and hives that produce table honey for consumption but it is the extraction process that differs as extreme measures are taken to ensure there are no outside contaminants and the honey is sterilized, which has no effect on its antibacterial properties. A manuka honey with a minimum UMF rating of 12+ (Unique Manuka Factor) is used to make medical grade manuka honey.

Medihoney Gentle Body Wash uses the natural action of manuka honey to gently cleanse the skin and then the skin is hydrated and restored with the help of other ingredients such as olive leaf extract.

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