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Steens Raw 10+ Manuka Honey 340g

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Tasting some manuka honey from a jar of Steens 10+ Raw Manuka Honey is like dipping your finger into the honeycomb. The company ethos is founded on transparency, authenticity and sustainability and so much so that you can trace each jar of Steens manuka honey back to its origin. The only thing to get filtered out is any stray bits of wax, the rest including bee pollen, 100% delicious manuka honey, and all its other goodness goes into the jar.

Steens started out as a husband and wife duo but now is a major international supplier of manuka honey. The honey is sourced from beehives that are located in some of the most unspoilt and not to mention stunning environment in New Zealand’s South Island by a network of beekeepers that have a longstanding relationship with the company.

Consumers of Steens manuka honey who are interested in the bioactive property of manuka honey can rest assured that each batch of manuka honey is tested in an independent laboratory. Steens has recently become a licensee of the UMF Honey Association, which carries out rigorous tests to verify it contains the bioactive elements that give manuka honey its famous antimicrobial and healing properties.

Steens 10+ Raw Manuka Honey has a potency that means it can be considered to be beneficial for supporting the immune system and for helping with digestive problems. All honeys have an antiseptic property, which in scientific terms is referred to as hydrogen peroxide activity, but manuka honey has a different action altogether that makes it special.

You can eat and enjoy manuka honey straight from the jar but it is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen and can be used to drizzle over your favourite ice cream or then makes an excellent natural sweetener if you are a keen baker, for example (but remember that children below the age of one shouldn’t consume honey).

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