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Steens UMF 5+ Raw Manuka Honey

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Steens is the truly an innovator and leader in the production of the highest quality raw manuka honey. From small beginnings in New Zealand as a husband and wife team, Steens has grown to become one of the largest producers of manuka honey in New Zealand with hives in some of the remotest and most natural places on earth in New Zealand’s South Island.

The company has developed its own extraction process that ensures that everything from the bee hive except any wax goes into the honey pot – including pollen, nutrients, and delicious manuka honey.

That’s it – there is no need to further process the honey so you get a jar of raw and delicious raw manuka honey. An important part of this extraction process is the fact that the temperature is regulated so that it is the same temperature as it would be in the hive.

This squeezy jar of Steens UMF 5+ Raw Manuka Honey now also carries the UMF label and every batch of Steens honey is tested according to the latest scientific methods to find out this level.

Recent research has revealed more about the unique characteristics of manuka honey and the UMF’s testing process looks for naturally occurring elements called Leptosperin and methylglyoxal (in this case the MGO level is 83+).

Steen’s UMF 5+ Raw Manuka Honey is a great everyday manuka honey that while having a relatively low UMF/MGO rating is still a 100% delicious and natural product that contains minerals, nutrients and can be eaten and savoured from the jar or used in cooking.

(Children under the age of one should not eat honey).

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