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Steens Raw 25+ Manuka Honey

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This is a rare honey and is for serious aficionados of manuka honey. Steens Raw 25+ Manuka Honey has a very high NPA rating of 25+, making it exceedingly pure and high quality in terms of the naturally occurring chemical markers that set manuka honey apart from other honeys.

Steens manuka honeys reflect the high production values and innovation that has taken the company from being a small husband and wife team to one of the leading innovators in the production of manuka honey.

The honey is raw because what you get in the jar is the same as in the honeycomb except without the wax, and this means all the goodness such as enzymes, bee pollen mixed with vitamins and minerals.

This raw 25+ manuka honey is one of the purest available and this is one of the reasons why manuka honey has become the most sought after honey in the world.

Manuka honey has many champions too in the celebrity world and supporters can be found in fields as diverse as the sports and film & TV.

Steens raw 25+ manuka honey has been tested to ensure it has the naturally occurring chemical markers that confirm it has the purity stated.

You can also use this raw manuka honey in cooking and baking or then simply smear it over a slice of fresh bread.

It is worth remember that children below one year of age are advised against eating honey.

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