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Honey New Zealand UMF 6+ Manuka Honey

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Honey New Zealand UMF 6+ Manuka Honey captures the essence of New Zealand’s unique natural flora and pristine environment, which is where the manuka tree grows. The wild manuka tree is the source of this truly exceptional natural product and the honey produced has an exceptional flavour that is strong, intense and aromatic.

Honey New Zealand’s philosophy is ‘healing as nature intended’ and UMF 6+ Manuka Honey certainly fits with this ethos. HNZ UMF manuka honey is one of the licensees of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association, which is a registered trademark that is internationally recognized.

In order to be awarded the UMF label, the manuka honey needs to be tested and verified according to the scientific criteria set by the Association. This means consumers who are interested in the special characteristics of manuka honey can be sure they are getting a honey that fulfills strict control criteria.

HNZ is privately owned company that sources its manuka honey from beehives all around New Zealand and in addition to its UMF license, the company also has a comprehensive quality management system for ensuring the highest standards of operation.

The UMF rating of 6+  is relatively low, but this may be a good honey to start with if you are just embarking on your journey into the world of manuka honey.

The flavour is intense and characteristic of this delicious superfood. There are many ways to enjoy manuka honey too – on bread or with your morning porridge, or over your favourite ice cream (but remember that experts recommended not to give honey to children below the age of one).

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