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Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Replenishing Day Crème

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Wild Ferns is an innovative skincare company that not only understands the importance of the natural environment but also draws inspiration from in by using many natural ingredients as the basis for its skincare products.

One of these uniquely special ingredients is Manuka honey. New Zealand is the native home to the Manuka bush (although some people also refer to it as the tea tree), and it is the nectar and pollen from this plant that are so special.

Bees collect nectar and pollen from the Manuka bush and turn it into Manuka honey in their hives.

But Manuka honey is no ordinary honey because its antibacterial characteristics are unique to Manuka honey.

Wild Ferns has not been slow to recognise the potential importance of Manuka honey, which is a key ingredient in this Manuka Honey Replenishing Day Crème.

But it is not only the antibacterial properties that make Manuka honey an important element for Wild Ferns and its skincare products.

Manuka honey is packed with other nutrients that are good for the skin including vitamins and proteins.

What’s more Manuka honey also has antioxidants and helps reduce the skin from losing moisture by acting as a natural humectant.

It is easy to see why Wild Ferns uses Manuka honey therefore in this Replenishing Day Crème.

However, the Manuka honey also has to be certified in order to guarantee its authenticity and purity.

This is what the label 80+ refers to on the company’s Manuka Honey skincare products.

Recent developments in testing Manuka honey and the required labelling guidelines have brought many changes to the Manuka honey industry.

One of the many new tests involves determining the level of Manuka pollen in the honey as a means of establishing its purity as a genuine monofloral Manuka honey.

The classification level is a pollen level of 70% or above means the honey is a genuine monofloral Manuka honey.

Wild Ferns Manuka honey has a pollen count of 80% or higher (80+) and this is an assurance of its quality.

This Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Replenishing Day Crème is a skin moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types and contains other nutrients that soothe the skin and provide hydration and softness.

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