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Haddrell’s UMF 22+ Manuka Honey

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Haddrell’s UMF 22+ Manuka Honey has to be the Queen of Manuka honey.

This is a rare and limited Manuka honey as only a handful of beehives in the world produce Manuka honey with such a high UMF rating.

Naturally to create such an amazing wonder of nature, you would expect Haddrell’s beehives to be located somewhere special.

This is the very much the case as Haddrell’s operations are based around the pristine and isolated area of Hawkes Bay in the North Island of New Zealand.

This magical landscape is home to the Manuka bush, the nectar of which is the source of this incredible honey.
Haddrell’s is a family company with a close and long-standing relationship with its beekeepers and employees.

The company has been running since 1993 and is the brainchild of husband and wife team Richard and Moira Haddrell.

The UMF label is the universally acknowledged label for authentic Manuka honey.

The association behind the label, the UMF Honey Association, has also been at the forefront in developing new technology to measure the naturally occurring antimicrobial characteristics of Manuka honey.

The UMF label means that Haddrell’s UMF 22+ Manuka Honey has been tested to show the presence of a whole range of natural chemicals in the honey that are responsible for its antimicrobial characteristics.

These tests also include for the presence of Leptosperin, which is a natural marker that indicates the botanical origin of the honey, i.e. that the bees have foraged from the Manuka bush as Leptosperin is a marker unique to it.

For this reason the UMF label is important for consumers of Manuka honey even if the technical terms seem complicated as it provides a guarantee that the Manuka honey is genuine, pure and authentic.

Given the UMF strength of this honey, every single drop is worth savouring. This is a truly rare and unique product of nature.

(Children below the age of one are advised against consuming honey.)

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