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Steens UMF 15+ Raw Manuka Honey

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Steens UMF 15+ Raw Manuka Honey is a rather special manuka honey with a high UMF rating from the husband and wife team that have come to epitomise the highest quality when it comes to genuine manuka honey.

The UMF level of 15+ means that this manuka honey contains a higher concentration of the natural elements that give manuka honey its special characteristics.

The organization behind the trademark UMF label has been spearheading a project to identify the chemical markers of genuine manuka honey and Steens UMF 15+ Raw Manuka Honey has been tested in line with the most up-to-date research.

It is not surprising that Steens manuka honey is very pure as their beehives are located in some of the wildest and most remote parts of New Zealand so there is no possible agricultural or industrial contamination.

Once the bees have done their work, Steens goes to great lengths to ensure that the honey that ends up in the jar is as high quality as the honey that came out of the hive.

This means that the honey is cold pressed so is not pasteurised – so all the good enzymes, pollen, bee bread not to mention great taste and aromas are transferred directly to the jar.

For more information, read the Editor review of Steen’s UMF 15+ Raw Manuka Honey

While this is a fabulous manuka honey, it is recommended that children below the age of one do not consume honey.

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