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WildCape UMF 8+ Manuka Honey

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WildCape UMF 8+ Manuka Honey is truly a special product: the honey comes from over 5000 beehives located in the East Cape region of New Zealand’s North Island, famous for its isolated environment and stretches of untouched forests.

This rugged and natural landscape is also home to the manuka bush and the nectar from its delicate flowers is where the magic of manuka honey all begins.

This WildCape manuka honey has a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating of 8+, which refers to the special non-peroxide activity of manuka honey. This number is awarded on the basis of tests that look for 3 compounds, including MGO (methylglyoxal), which are present in authentic manuka honey.

Not all manuka honey has these special characteristics for which it has become so famous.

This is the ultimate purpose of the UMF label in that it gives manuka honey consumers confidence that the honey is authentic.

There are strict testing protocols and guidelines behind the UMF label. If you purchase a jar of WildCape Manuka Honey you can look up these test results in greater detail using the batch tracker on the WildCape website.

The health properties of manuka honey are the subject of continuous research and it is increasingly being investigated and used as an ingredient for many medical wound care products.

WildCape UMF 8+ Manuka Honey is a mild manuka honey and a great honey for everyday use as part of your daily dose of vitality, minerals and that special manuka honey taste.

WildCape Manuka Honey also has a keen interest in sustainability and its communal values. Local beekeepers as well as manuka bush landowners share in the company’s profits through a profit sharing scheme.

Infants under the age of one should not eat honey.

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