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Green Bay Harvest 10+ Active Raw Manuka Honey

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Green Bay Harvest 10+ Active Raw Manuka Honey is a lovingly produced artisan honey sourced from the unpolluted and pristine countryside of New Zealand’s South Island by Green Bay Harvest, which is a company whose ethos is all about sustainability and healthy eating.

This 10+ Active Raw Manuka Honey has not undergone any kind of treatment or processing except a coarse filtering to remove any bee debris. This means the jar is full of 100% pure 10+ active raw manuka honey and its nutrients, enzymes, pollen and minerals, so you get 100% of the benefits and taste.

The NPA rating is important because it shows that the honey has been independently tested and is a genuine manuka honey. The NPA rating system is not managed by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association, which is responsible for the UMF trademark label, which also lets fans of manuka honey know that the jar of honey is genuine.

Many consumers report anecdotal evidence of the benefits to their health from eating manuka honey. Green Bay Harvest 10+ Active Raw Manuka Honey is also simply delicious to eat so why not treat yourself with a jar or two!

Use manuka honey as a natural sweetener or eat a teaspoon or two straight from the jar and enjoy its delicious and unique taste.

Children under the age of one should not eat honey

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