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Green Bay Harvest 5+ Active Raw Manuka Honey

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Green Bay Harvest manuka honey is produced by Green Bay Harvest, a small company run by two families with a commitment to natural foods and healthy eating as a sustainable way of life. The company has its own beehives and also sources its manuka honey from long-established relationships with several beekeepers.

Green Bay Harvest 5+ Active Raw Manuka Honey is a genuinely natural product and a genuinely raw honey, which means it has not been treated or heated or processed in any way. The only process the honey goes through is filtering through a course filter to remove any bee debris and this ensures that all the amazing enzymes, nutrients, pollen and propolis are retained in the honey.

Green Bay Harvest manuka honeys use the NPA rating system to indicate the purity of the manuka honey. Consumers of manuka honey may also be familiar with the separate UMF label, which also requires testing by independent laboratories.

The purpose, however, is the same, which is to give consumers confidence that the product they are buying is a genuine manuka honey.

Raw manuka honey has a delicious and distinctive earthy taste, but it is also famous among sporting celebrities and actors because of its superfood status. Manuka honey is also the subject of numerous research projects in a variety of settings, including clinical environments, because of its unusual properties.

Take a teaspoon a day and taste the benefits to your health! Honey is not suitable for children under the age of one.

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