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Green Bay Harvest 8+ Active Raw Manuka Honey

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Green Bay Harvest 8+ Active Raw Manuka Honey comes from the country they call the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand. The company is run by two families based in the UK and New Zealand who have a down to earth passion for healthy eating and sustainability, and this raw manuka honey fits that ethos to a tee.

The honey is sourced from the pristine environment of the South Island of New Zealand and is produced by beekeepers who have a long-established relationship with Green Bay Harvest.

Green Bay Harvest’s 8+ Active Raw Manuka Honey is just as the label says – raw, and this means that it hasn’t been treated, heated or processed in any way and is only coarse filtered into the jar. This is so that all the natural goodness in the form of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, pollen and propolis all end up in the jar.

Raw active manuka honey is an incredible product and this is because the bees feed mainly off the manuka bush and the flower of this plant is responsible for its unique taste and properties.

Green Bay Harvest 8+ Active Raw Manuka Honey has been tested by an independent laboratory and confirmed the NPA rating of 8+. This NPA rating system is different from the UMF label, which is managed by the UMF Honey Association.

However, the purpose of these rating schemes is the same – it is to show the honey has been tested and is therefore a genuine manuka honey.

Manuka honey has been celebrated because not only is it popular among celebrities as a superfood but also because of the number of clinical trials that have been conducted that report the honey’s potential use against MRSAs.

Manuka honey has a wonderful earthy and minerally taste. Eat a teaspoon or two a day or then spread it on a slice of bread. This is a gift of nature to be savoured. (Children under the age of one should not eat honey).

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