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Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Active 16+ Honey 500g

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This is the strongest active manuka honey from the Wedderspoon range of manuka honeys. This means that in addition to its great taste, this nutrient and anti-oxidant rich manuka honey has the strongest antibacterial potency and activity.

Weddespoon has its own range of tests and markers, such as manuka pollen count and level of phenols, which are independently conducted in a lab in New Zealand so you can be sure that this honey really contains the special antibacterial activity that sets manuka honey apart from other honeys.

The honey is sourced from the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island by master beekeepers, and each batch of manuka honey can be traced to a particular beekeeper. The honey is delicious when eaten as a spread, or alternatively you could try eating a couple of teaspoonful’s before your meal to get the full benefits of this incredible natural product.

Wedderspoon’s Raw Manuka Active 16+ Honey is as natural as it comes: GMO free and no chemical residues and even the beehives are made from environmentally friendly material.

Children under one should not eat honey.

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