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Tiptree Manuka Honey Active 10+

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The Tiptree brand is a truly English success story that dates back to a farm in the village of Tiptree in Essex. Other than manuka honey, Tiptree is one of the most famous names in jams and preserves and the company, Wilkin & Sons, started life in 1885 as the Britannia Fruit Preserving Company. Since then, Wilkin & Sons has continued to go from strength to strength and as far back as 1911 received a Royal Warrant. The company celebrated its 125th year of operations in 2010.

Tiptree Manuka Honey Active 10+ is sourced from a single supplier in New Zealand and Wilkin & Sons goes to great lengths to ensure not only the quality but also the authenticity of the manuka honey, which is tested by both the supplier and is then verified in the UK by Wilkin & Son through its own testing. This ensures the antibacterial level of Tiptree Manuka Honey 10+ is indeed at the level stated. Honey is not suitable for children below the age of one.

Tiptree Manuka Honey Active 10+ can be used in a variety of ways and is delicious simply spread on a slice of bread or then used as a natural sweetener in cooking both savoury and sweet dishes. Many people are also interested in the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of manuka honey and Wilkin & Son have tested the honey to verify the presence of this bioactivity.

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