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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 30+ 500g

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Nelson Honey produces its Manuka Honey 30+ in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. The company is a family run business that now boasts four generations of beekeepers and 4,000 hives.  The hives are located in bush and forest areas far away and free from any contaminants such as from agriculture. Nelson Honey previously branded this honey as manuka honey bronze.

Manuka honey has gained a large worldwide following because thanks to its fabulous taste and characteristics. Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 30+ has a distinct and delicious aroma and is 100% pure honey with no additives of any kind. Prior to packing the honey is warmed (not pasteurized though, which would destroy beneficial micro-organisms), filtered and then creamed.

Testing the honey plays an important role in confirming that it is a genuine manuka honey that is so sought after. Nelson Honey has every batch of its honey tested for a number of elements including for something called Methylgloyxal (MG) as well as the pollen count, which indicates the floral source of the honey, again important for determining that this is a genuine manuka honey.

Nelson Honey produces a range of manuka honeys that have different levels of MG. This 30+ level means that there is more than 30+ mg per kg of methylgyoxal, and this makes an excellent everyday honey. If you are looking for a level of MG then you could consider going for the 100+.

Follow the link to read the Editor’s review of Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 30+.

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