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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 100+ 500g

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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 100+ comes in two sizes (the honey was originally known as manuka honey silver) and this is the larger 500g size for those who want a larger supply of this uniquely aromatic honey.

Manuka Honey 100+ is produced by a fourth generation of beekeepers that have around 4,000 hives in the South Island of New Zealand. The hives location in unspoilt countryside areas where manuka bushes grow in abundance contributes to the purity of the honey.

Nelson Honey has every batch of honey tested independently to verify that it contains the chemical markers that occur naturally in the honey production process by the bees in order to verify that the honey is genuine manuka honey.

This is established by testing for something called methylglyoxal (MG or MGO), which along with Leptosperin is one of the key markers.  One of the other elements that are tested is the pollen count because this can confirm that the manuka tree is the main source for the honey and also where the hive was located.

Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 100+ is confirmed as having a level of methylgloyxal of 100 mg per kg,  and consumers can track each jar of honey using Nelson Honey’s BatchTrack.

Nelson Honey is a boutique producer of high quality manuka honey and its range of manuka includes honeys with different levels of MG.

There are many different ways to enjoy the honey – either in tea or coffee or on bread and toast or then from the jar (children below the age of one are not recommended to eat honey).

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