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Watson & Son Manuka Honey MGO 200+

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Watson & Son Manuka Honey MGO 200+ is a premium and global brand of Manuka honey.

Watson & Son, originally the brainchild of the Watson father and son team, is now a part of Oha Honey, which interestingly is owned by one of New Zealand’s most important tribes (iwi) – the Ngāi Tahu.

Premium Manuka honey is a rare commodity and this also explains why it is so much more expensive than other types of honey.

New Zealand is home to the Manuka bush and the nectar from this humble shrub is where this amazing story starts.

Manuka honey has become so famous due to its anti-bacterial activity, which is unique to Manuka honey.

Over the course of much research work conducted on the honey, researchers have discovered that a naturally occurring chemical called methylglyoxal, MGO, plays a key role in the honey’s antibacterial activity.

There is also a direct link between the level of MGO and the honey’s antibacterial properties, although there are other factors and natural markers involved in this process.

Watson & Son Manuka Honey 200+ is still at the milder end of the level of MGO since some potent Manuka honeys can have a level of over 800+, although these are very rare.

Manuka honey has a deeply complex taste structure and it is not always as sweet as other types of honey.

There are a variety of uses for Manuka honey and some people use it as a natural alternative to sugar in the kitchen.

Given its unique taste just eating it from the jar is also a good option for better understanding its unique taste.

Children below the age of one are not advised to eat any variety of honey.

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