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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 100+ 250g

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Based in the South Island of New Zealand, this Manuka Honey 100+ (previously known as Manuka Honey Silver) from Nelson Honey is produced with care and the expertise of a family run company that is now in its fourth generation of beekeepers.

The 4,000 plus hives are located in the Nelson and the west coast of the South Island in some of New Zealand’s cleanest and most unpolluted bush and forest areas where the manuka tree grows plentifully.

The manuka tree is the vital source of nectar for this delicious and flavoursome manuka honey. Nelson Honey takes great care to ensure that every batch of honey is tested and can be traced.

This is important for determining that the honey has the special naturally occurring chemical markers unique to manuka honey. Part of this testing is to identify a substance called methylglyoxal  (sometimes abbreviated to MGO or MG) as well as the pollen count, which can show the geographic location of the hive and also confirms that manuka trees were the source of the honey.

Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 100+ has been tested and the level of MG has been confirmed as more the 100+ mg per kg. The testing regime is important for consumers as over recent years, demand for manuka honey has surpassed supply and this has led to fears of fake manuka honey.

Manuka honey when used in its medical grade form is also used by pharmaceutical companies in wound healing products.

Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 100+ is a manuka honey with a distinctive taste and is one of a range of manuka honey the company produces with different levels of MG. The honey is creamed after it is filtered to remove any unwanted debris.

Many people love the unique taste of this honey – try a teaspoonful a day and see for yourself (remember though children below the age of one are not advised to eat honey).

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