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Watson & Son Manuka Honey MGO 300+

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Watson & Son Manuka Honey MGO 300+ is a high quality Manuka honey born out of a long tradition of producing and sourcing some of the best Manuka honey available.

Originally a family-owned firm, Watson & Son Manuka honey is now part of Oha Honey, which has a whopping 30,000 hives located throughout New Zealand.

Producing premium Manuka honey often means that the hives are located not just in unspoiled natural locations but also remote areas, which is where the Manuka bush flourishes.

Oha Honey has a number of partnerships in place with land owners and these partnerships are important for developing the business.

Consumers of Manuka honey may have heard about its unusual and unique antibacterial characteristics.

This is in part what MGO 300+ refers to. Researchers discovered that MGO (an abbreviation for methylglyoxal) was one of the factors behind Manuka honey’s antibacterial activity.

Furthermore, this MGO can be measured and it soon became clear that there was a link between the level of MGO and the antibacterial activity of the honey.

An MGO level of 300+ is a moderately strong level of MGO.

But this famous characteristic of Manuka honey is not the sole reason why people enjoy it so much.

The taste and texture of the honey as is unique as its properties. A premium Manuka honey has a rich taste and thick texture like soft fudge.

Many describe the taste ranging from herbaceous and earthy to slightly astringent.

In addition to using Watson & Son Manuka honey in the usual way in the kitchen, some people also use the honey as a health and beauty ingredient for the skin and hair.

(The medical profession advises that infants below the age of one should not eat honey.)

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