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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 200+ 250g

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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 200+ (previously known as Manuka Honey Gold) is produced from about 4,000 beehives located in the beautiful and environmentally pristine countryside of the Nelson and West Coast region of New Zealand’s South Island.

Nelson Honey has decades of experience in crafting delicious honeys as this medium-sized family company is now onto its fourth generation of beekeepers.

This creamed manuka honey not only has a fantastic flavour but has also been tested independently to verify the level of methylglyoxal (MG or MGO), and to test its pollen count, which is used to show that the manuka tree is the floral source for the honey and the location of the hive.

The test for a compound called methylglyoxal (MG or MGO) is important as this is one of the key markers that occurs naturally in genuine manuka honey and has to be present for it to be classed as such.

The MG level has been verified for this manuka honey as being more than 200+ mg per kg.

Consumers who buy a jar of Manuka Honey 200+ can use Nelson Honey’s BatchTrack facility to receive a certificate of quality assurance for the honey in question.

The scientific world is also very interested in manuka honey and medical grade manuka honey is already being used in an ever increasing number of products to treat wounds and burns.

Use Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 200+ in your tea or coffee or the use it as a sweetener in baking or then just eat it by the teaspoonful (it is recommended that children below the age of one shouldn’t consume honey).

A longer review of Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 200+ is available from by clicking this link.

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