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Watson & Son 10+ Manuka Honey 250g

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From one of the top three exporters of manuka honey, Watson & Son 10+ Manuka Honey (250g) is a certified 10+ (Molan Gold Standard – MGS) manuka honey that is not only sourced from reputable beekeepers but the honey can be traced back to its origin, which in many cases is in some of the remotest and most pristine natural environments in New Zealand’s North Island.

What is now a major producer of medical grade manuka honey and exporter started off as a hobby in the back of a shed. Currently, Watson & Son has 20,000 hives and the plans are to increase that number to 100,000 over the coming years.

The company has a strong emphasis on science and research, which extends to the manuka honey production chain as a means of keeping the honey free from contaminants and to ensure that the honey is independently certified. This is important especially for consumers who want to know they are buying genuine manuka honey.

Manuka honey is special because while all honeys have an antiseptic quality manuka has something extra. In scientific terms this is called methylglyoxal, MGO, and this can be tested in a lab to verify the level contained in each batch and to verify the manuka honey is genuine.

This MGS rated 10+ manuka honey has been through Watson & Son’s quality control process to certify the presence of methylglyoxal and has a level of 300+ MGO, which means it has 300+ mg of MGO per kg.

Manuka honey is also produced and turned into a medical grade honey that is used increasingly to treat wounds and burns, and in clinical settings as well.

The versatility of honey means you can either eat it from the jar by the teaspoon or then use it in baking or as a natural sweetener, although children below the age of one should not eat honey.

If you are looking for a genuine manuka honey, this Watson & Son 10+ Manuka Honey would be a good place to start.

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