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MGO 550+ Manuka Honey 250g

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MGO 550+ Manuka Honey is Manuka Health’s manuka honey with the highest MGO rating and comes in two sizes, this smaller 250g jar or a larger 500g jar.

This is a serious manuka honey with a very high MGO level; the number refers to the honey’s level of methylglyoxal or MGO, which one of the special natural markers that make manuka honey genuine, and for this honey it is at least 550 mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MGO).

Manuka Health sets great emphasis on sustainability and quality assurance with respect to all its manuka honey and honey products.

MGO 550+ Manuka Honey is a monofloral honey and a totally natural product – no chemicals are used during the production and extraction process. The manuka tree has long been associated with traditional medicine so perhaps it is unsurprising that honey derived from its nectar is also unique.

Manuka honey has a unique full taste unlike any other honey, which some describe as earthy with qualities of herbs or minerals.

The MGO rating system is a different one than the other well known internationally recognized trademark UMF, or Unique Manuka Factor, but they both give consumers confidence that the honey in the jar is genuine manuka honey.

There are any number of ways to enjoy manuka honey from simply eating it with a teaspoon or then as a natural sweetener in cooking and baking. Parents should note that children below the age of one are advised not to eat honey.

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