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Watson & Son 10+ Manuka Honey 500g

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From humble beginnings in a shed to a major operation with 85 employees and over 20,000 beehives, Watson & Son are at the forefront of both production and research into manuka honey.

This certified 10+ (MGS rating) manuka honey from Watson & Son is a genuine manuka honey with all the amazing qualities that have the world clamouring for more.

Watson & Son have a very strict control process in order to ensure that all their honey products remain free from possible contaminants. Once the honey arrives for extraction it is given a code so that each batch of manuka honey can be traced back to where it came from, and then it is extracted under air locked conditions to keep it pure.

The quality control process for this 10+ manuka honey is very stringent too because Watson & Son are a major producer of manuka honey for both general consumption and of medical grade manuka honey for use by pharmaceutical companies that are producing an increasing number of medical products for wound and burn products.

Jars of Watson & Son 10+ Manuka Honey (500g) have been certified by laboratory testing to establish that they contain methylglyoxal (MGO), which occurs naturally and must be present if it is to be considered genuine manuka honey.

The grading system used by Watson & Son is the Molan Gold Standard – MGS – and this is based on the research of Professor Peter Molan, who discovered the unique qualities of manuka honey. Watson & Son 10+ Manuka Honey has an MGO level of 300+, which means it has 300+ mg of MGO per kg.

Manuka honey is a gift from nature – try it and see for yourself.

Children below the age of one should not eat honey.

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