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Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey 40 MGO

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Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey 40 MGO is a manuka honey that is part of Manuka Doctor’s range of multifloral manuka honeys.

This honey is not especially potent in terms of the naturally occurring properties that make manuka honey so unique but it will nevertheless have its equally unique and unforgettable taste.

Manuka Doctor is a New Zealand company known not only for its range of manuka honey but also its beauty products that use manuka honey as a key ingredient.

Multifloral manuka honey

Multifloral manuka honey means that the bees that made the honey also collected nectar and pollen from different plants as well as the manuka tree.

Strict new guidelines set by the New Zealand government mean that any honey that uses the manuka honey label must be independently tested to authenticate the honey.

Even a multifloral manuka honey needs to be tested for various naturally occurring chemicals and to ensure DNA from manuka pollen is present in the honey.

MGO rating

The most important naturally occurring element in manuka honey is something called Methylglyoxal, which is abbreviated to MGO.

This is the all-important secret to manuka honey’s famous antibacterial properties and why the honey is so sought after.

Basically, the high the level of MGO, the stronger the honey’s antimicrobial properties so this Manuka Doctor MGO 40 is relatively low in terms of the level of MGO. Some manuka honey has an MGO level of up to 800.

Delicious honey

Manuka honey is like no other and also has a slightly bitter or astringent taste but this complex taste makes the honey all the more delicious and fascinating.

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey MGO 40 makes a good daily honey but for those interested in the antimicrobial properties associated with manuka honey, then one with a higher MGO level is worth trying, especially a monofloral manuka honey.

It is worth remembering that children below the age of one are not advised to eat honey.

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