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Nelson Honey Manuka Honey 200+ 500g

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Nelson Honey has a range of manuka honeys and this large jar of Manuka Honey 200+ (previously known as Manuka Honey Gold) is the one with highest level of MG (Methylglyoxal) in its range of manuka honey.

This honey has been crafted by a family company that is now being run by its fourth generation of beekeepers so they know a thing or two about honey. Nelson Honey has around 4,000 beehives that are located in untouched forest areas where the manuka tree grows in a pristine and unpolluted environment.

Nelson Honey has all its honeys tested for an element called methylglyoxal (MG or MGO), which is one of the markers used to indicate that the honey is indeed an authentic manuka honey.  Manuka Honey 200+ has an MG level of more than 200mg per kg.

The batch report gives both the MG level and its pollen count, which is also used to verify that the bees have fed off the manuka tree as well as the location of the hive.

This is a creamed manuka honey and before it is packed the honey is warmed and filtered to remove any debris.

Pharmaceutical companies have also started to produce medical products for treating wounds and burns that have medical grade manuka honey as their main ingredient.

Manuka Honey 200+ is a distinctively delicious taste and is a versatile natural sweetener for teas, coffee and baking in general (children below the age of one should not consume honey). Have you tasted it yet?

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