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Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey MGO 100

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Manuka Doctor has been in the business of producing fine manuka honey for several decades and the company, based in New Zealand, can trace its origins back to 1901.

Recent changes in the manuka honey industry have been implemented with a view to protecting consumers so that when they buy a jar of manuka honey, they can be sure they are getting a genuine and certified honey.

Certified monofloral manuka honey

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey MGO 100 is a manuka honey that has been tested according to the new guidelines on manuka honey labelling.

There is some serious science behind the testing, which looks to find certain chemicals that occur naturally in addition to a certain level of DNA of manuka pollen.

The popularity and interest in manuka honey is mainly a result of its unique antimicrobial properties and this is what the MGO refers to – or methylglyoxal to give it its proper name.

Why MGO is important

MGO occurs naturally in the honey thanks to the busy bees and this is responsible for its unique antibacterial properties.

Simply put, the higher the level of MGO the purer the honey and the greater its antibacterial properties.

Pure honey

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey MGO 100 is included in the company’s range of monofloral honeys.

This means the honey is purer than the multifloral ones with a lower MGO level. Again, the aim of the testing is to find out whether the honey can be considered monofloral.

When it comes to taste, manuka honey is also in a league of its own, especially given its complex taste structure.

It is usually not as sweet as other more traditional honeys can be and has many layers of taste that some describe as herbal.

Experts advise against children under the age of one from consuming honey.

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