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Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey MGO 240

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The source of Manuka Doctor’s manuka honey is from the company’s native New Zealand, where the company owns thousands of beehives all around this beautiful and unspoilt country.

This jar of MGO 240 manuka honey is from Manuka Doctor’s range of monofloral manuka honey, which means the honey is purer than the multifloral range.

Tested honey

The label of monofloral means that the honey has passed strict testing guidelines that involve some high-tech analysis of the honey and its pollen, although even multifloral manuka honey has to be rigorously tested.

The number is significant because it indicates the purity of the manuka honey and this is also something that is independently tested.

What is MGO?

In simple terms, MGO is a substance that is created naturally by the bees when they produce manuka honey.

It is this MGO that is responsible for the honey’s world-famous antimicrobial properties.

A high number means the honey is purer and has stronger antimicrobial properties.

Unique taste

For those who have not tried manuka honey before, it has a unique flavour that is not always sweet and it has a strong and intense taste that some describe as astringent.

Manuka Doctor MGO 240 Manuka Honey is one of the company’s highest MGO level honeys.

If you have not tried manuka honey before, there is also a range of multifloral manuka honeys that have a lower MGO level. Whichever honey you try, an unforgettable manuka honey sensation awaits you.

Children under the age of one are advised not to eat honey.

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