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Rowse Manuka 15+ Honey

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Rowse Manuka 15+ Honey is an intense manuka with a certified NPA (non-peroxide activity) rating of 15+, making it the most potent of Rowse manuka honeys. Rowse is named after its founder Tony Rowse, who started beekeeping in 1938 as a hobby and then founded the company in 1954. The company continued to grow and thanks to a typically wet series of spring and summers in the 1960s the decision was taken to start importing honeys from around the world too, such as this Manuka 15+ Honey, which is from New Zealand.

Not all manuka honeys contain the non-peroxide activity, which is responsible for its well reported health and medical benefits, and for this reason Rowse has its honey tested to ensure it contains this antibacterial activity and to the level stated. The higher the NPA rating, the stronger the antibacterial effect and therapeutic benefit of the honey. Many people who consume manuka honey on a regular basis report improved general wellbeing and a stronger immune system. It has also been shown to be effective in wound treatment as well as some digestive problems and oral health.

There is no limit to the ways you can consume Manuka 15+ Honey – put it in your tea or coffee, savour it on a slice of fresh bread or then use it in both sweet and savoury baking. This is an incredible product that comes from nature.

Children below the age of one are not recommended to eat honey.

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