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Rowse Manuka 5+ Honey

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Rowse is a UK honey production and import company based in Oxfordshire in the UK, which began in a shed in 1938 as the hobby of Tony Rowse. His passion for honey gradually turned into a business, which he started in the early 1950s, but it was unsurprisingly a wet spring one year the early 1960s that led to the decision to also start importing honeys.

Rowse has a range of manuka honeys with different antibacterial strengths, which are labelled NPA 5+, NPA 10+ and NPA 15+. Not all manuka honeys have its much sought after antibacterial activity, which is referred to scientifically as its non-peroxide activity and this is what the label NPA stands for. Rowse Manuka 5+ Honey has been tested to verify that it has this antibacterial activity.

Rowse sources its Manuka 5+ Honey from New Zealand and this is the main source for all manuka honeys as the manuka tree grows mainly only in New Zealand (with some in South Australia). Manuka honey is a single flower honey and the nectar from the manuka tree is the main source of food for bees that make manuka honey.

This Manuka 5+ Honey is quite mild in its antibacterial strength but it has a delicious and intense flavour. There are many different ways you can enjoy this Rowse Manuka 5+ Honey – put it in your tea or coffee, spread it over your breakfast toast or just eat it from the jar (but remember infants under the age of one are not recommended to eat honey).

This Manuka 5+ Honey makes a good everyday honey to start off your manuka honey journey if you are new to this amazing product from nature.

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