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Watson & Son MGS 16+ Manuka Honey

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When it comes to manuka honey, Watson & Son is one of the most respected names in the business.

An interesting feature of this father and son duo is the fact that they use a different certification scheme for their manuka honey to the UMF trademark label. Watson & Son’s manuka honeys are tested and verified using the Molan Gold Standard (MGS) scheme.

The certification label takes its name from the man who first discovered the amazing antibacterial qualities of manuka honey – Professor Peter Molan. It is largely thanks to his work and research that the entire manuka honey industry has come to be so important.

The testing is carried out independently and the honey is tested for the presence and level of something called MGO or methylglyoxal. The level of MGO in this Watson & Son MGS 16+ Manuka Honey is 600+, which means there is 600+ mg per kg of MGO in the honey. MGO is present naturally in the honey and is what makes it so special.

Watson & Son manage a large operation of beehives and beekeepers throughout the North Island of New Zealand. The company has a strong focus on environmental respect and responsibility, with many of the beehives located in areas of outstanding natural beauty in remote locations with dense growths of the manuka bush, just what the bees need to produce manuka honey of the highest quality.

This is a delicious and pure manuka honey with a high MGS rating – try it and be amazed at what nature can produce. (Children and infants below the age of one are recommended not to eat honey).

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