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Watson & Son 5+ Manuka Honey 250g

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Watson & Son is a company built on passion for honey and following exact scientific protocols to produce genuine certified manuka honey.

Watson & Son is a father and son team and what started as a hobby is now a major supplier of medical grade manuka honey for pharmaceutical companies as well as manuka honey for the home with over 45 beekeepers and 20,000 beehives.

Watson & Son 5+ Manuka Honey (250g) is a delicious certified honey that is great for everyday use.

Watson & Son’s beehives are located in the North Island of New Zealand and many are in some of the most pristine natural environments left in the world. The manuka tree is the all important source of nectar for this monofloral honey and is also the source of the well-documented and amazing qualities of manuka honey.

Watson & Son’s has a very rigorous extraction and testing process for its manuka honey as much of it goes for medical grade products. Each batch is assigned a code so that it can be traced and the honey is extracted behind air locked doors to avoid any contamination and then extracted.

Finally the honey is tested and rated in accordance with the Molan Gold Standard certification system.

This certification mark gives consumers confidence that this is a genuine manuka honey. The MGS level of 5+ refers to the level of naturally occurring methylglyoxal (MGO), which is responsible for manuka honey’s unusual qualities. An MGS level of 5+ corresponds to an MGO level of 100+ – and this sometimes also appears on the labels.

Watson & Son produce a variety of manuka honey for the home all with different MGS levels and this 5+ is at the lower end of the range. Some manuka honey has an MGS level of 18+, which in terms of its methylglyoxal level equates to a whopping 700+

Experts recommend that children below the age of one should not consume honey.

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