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Watson & Son 5+ Manuka Honey 500g

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This Watson & Son  5+ Manuka Honey is a tasty honey great for everyday use produced by the father and son team from the North Island of New Zealand.

What started out as a hobby turned in a major business and over 20,000 beehives located in some of the most remote and environmentally untouched areas of the North Island.

Over a period of two decades or so, Watson & Son have established a large network of trusted beekeepers over the country and also a sophisticated extraction centre to ensure the quality and purity of the manuka honey the company produces.

The focus is on rigorous testing and scientific data about the honey the company produces since much of Watson & Son’s production goes towards medical grade manuka honey for pharmaceutical and therapeutic products.

The manuka honey produced for home consumption, such as this delicious MGS 5+ manuka honey, has been through a tough quality control process and every batch can be traced back to area it came from.  This 5+ manuka honey has been certified in accordance with the Molan Gold Standard (MGS) certification process.

This is important for those who want to make sure they are getting genuine manuka honey. While all honeys have antiseptic qualities, manuka honey has a naturally occurring element called methylglyoxal (MGO) and it is this that makes manuka honey so special and sought after.

An MGS level of 5+ means that the level of MGO is 100+ and this level also appears on the label. Watson & Son produce a variety of manuka honey and some have a much higher level of MGO.

If you are new to manuka honey, Watson & Son 5+ Manuka Honey (500g) makes a great start and is a suitable entry honey into this delicious and amazing gift of nature. Put it in your tea or coffee, eat it from the jar or just spread it on a slice of bread. Taste the purity of New Zealand.

(It is recommended that children below the age of one should not consume honey).

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