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Watson & Son MGS 8+ Manuka Honey

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Watson & Son MGS 8+ Manuka Honey is a certified manuka honey from one of New Zealand’s most progressive and adventurous names in the honey business.

Watson & Son is the father and son team of Denis and Daniel, who look after 14,000 beehives in various locations of New Zealand’s stunning North Island. They understand the importance of placing beehives in mono-floral manuka forests so that the bees will produce only pure and genuine manuka honey.

The company’s ethos is also based on respect for the pristine natural world that is also a factor in the purity of the honey produced. Watson & Son also work with a network of beekeepers who have intimate knowledge of the land where the hives are located and the best place to keep them.

Watson & Son MGS 8+ Manuka Honey has been certified using the Molan Gold Standard (MGS). This certification scheme is built on the work of Professor Peter Molan, who was the scientist who first discovered the special qualities of manuka honey.

The system is based on evaluating the level of methylglyoxal, or MGO, which occurs naturally in manuka honey and which gives the honey its amazing qualities. The honey is independently tested in certified laboratories and can also be traced back to the hive that it originally came from.

Watson & Son also produce medical grade manuka honey for therapeutic products, so the company has a very strong focus on producing only the highest quality manuka honey following strict testing and compliance procedures.

The level of MGO in this MGS 8+ Manuka Honey is 200+ and is a delicious honey. (As a reminder, it is recommended that children below the age of one do not eat honey).

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