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Watson & Son 15+ Manuka Honey 500g

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Watson & Son is a family business in the North Island of New Zealand and this is a genuine active manuka honey with an NPA rating of 15+ (NPA stands for non-peroxide activity). The father and son team behind the company have a passion for honey and science. The company invests in research into manuka honey, especially its anti-inflammatory properties, and is a major supplier of medical grade manuka honey that is used in wound healing products to name but some.

Manuka honey is a very distinct tasting honey with a strong element of herbs and minerals and genuine active manuka honey has unique bioactive properties that have been shown to have several health benefits. The list of properties linked to active manuka honey include its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties but it also has antiviral and antioxidant properties and this is the reason for its status as the most sought-after honey in the world. Not all manuka honey has this property and that is why Watson & Son have their honey certified independently to confirm that the honey does have the special non-peroxide activity (NPA) and its NPA level.

Watson & Son 15+ Manuka Honey (500g) is a certified manuka honey that can also be traced back to where it originated thanks to the company’s production control chain. All the manuka honey that arrives at the company’s modern extraction facility is given a code so the honey can be traced and the actual extraction process takes place behind air locked doors so that the honey remains as pure as it is in the honeycomb.

Remember that children below the age of one should not eat honey.

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